Who is your target client?

❓Who is your target client?

❓How do you use that information to gain more business?

The type of spa or clinic you are, will determine your target guests. For example, are they residents or outside visitors?  Whoever your target guest is, the best way to attract them is to understand who they are and learn what they want and need.  Take the opportunity learn about your guest, use the time you spend with them to learn about them; this will not only make your interactions more personal and make them feel more valued, but you also gain valuable market insight.

The more you understand your potential client base the more you can tailor your services to meet their requirements. This may mean trimming your menu, that’s ok – a long menu can not only be overwhelming for your guest, and can you really perform all those services to same elevated level? Only offer services that your guests want.

Sometimes it can be as simple as how you deliver a service – how you interact with your guests. Adapt your approach and language to meet your client’s personality. Make them feel comfortable and at home, if two venues are delivering the same level of service where is the client going to choose … the one where they feel most comfortable (think about your own experiences what makes you choose one venue over another?)

Play around with offers, what do your clients respond to? Do discounts work? Does an offer such as buy 10 get 1 free work? Do seasonal offers work? Drill down further – do your clients respond to % discounts or $ amounts, do they respond to one type of offer over another? Asking and answering these types of questions will all help to make your offers more effective.

These are some of our top tips, but what works for you?

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