When should you follow up with a client?

I like to consider a follow up the conclusion of the client’s experience. I am not suggesting you call your clients after each skin treatment or pedicure, however if they are new to your space, having a first-time treatment or using a new skincare product my advice would be to reach out 24hrs afterwards.  In my experience if a client has an adverse reaction or simply did not enjoy the treatment they will either not return to your spa or clinic, will not repeat the service, or leave a negative review.

You can prevent all the above with a simple phone call.  A follow up call provides feedback; it allows the client an opportunity to express a concern or maybe they’ve had a minor adverse reaction which then gives you the opportunity to address the situation and turn a client who may not have come back and told others of their ‘bad’ experience into a repeat client. Clients want to feel valued and appreciated, receiving a call from the service provider establishes the client/therapist relationship, builds loyalty and trust.

Some may feel shy or uncomfortable putting a call in. To avoid this awkward feeling, let you clients know ahead of time. At the end of their appointment let them know you will be calling them on such a date, mark it in your calendar and be sure to follow through.

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