What Makes A Good Resume?

As Canada’s leading aesthetic and wellness niche recruitment partner, we see a lot of #resumes … some good and some … well, let’s say not so good! 🙈

Your resume is usually your first introduction to a hiring manager, so you want to ensure it pops and puts your best foot forward. So, what makes a good resume? Here are some of our tips:

👍Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes; reviewing resumes is not their only job, so the first thing is making it concise – you can expand on your experience when you get the interview.

👍It takes 7 seconds to make an impression on someone; the same applies to your resume.

👍Make sure your opening statement explains concisely why you are perfect for this role. You do this right, and you get their attention.

👍Once you have their attention, keep your previous experience relevant and summarize. Don’t go into too much depth unless it’s required.

👍Keep your resume as short as possible – ideally 1 to 2 pages.

👍Do you have a generic CV you send to everybody? Stop! A simple step to set yourself apart from the majority is to ditch the generic and switch to specific. Customize your resume to suit the role for which you are applying.

Remember, a good resume should read like a good elevator pitch.

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