What About The Employee Experience?

We emphasize the importance of excellent client experience but what about the employee experience?

Have you considered looking at your team members as you would your clients? For instance.

• Providing a beautiful and clean space to attract employees.
• Going above and beyond to ensure your staff is well cared for with a competitive compensation plan which includes health and wellness benefits.
• Incentives to motivate the team as you would with promotions for clients.
• Involve the team and ask them to provide feedback to see how you’re doing as manager or business owner.

If you’re of the mindset that it’s not worth investing in your staff because nowadays employees like to jump from job to job, you’re sadly mistaken. Like other aspects of our lives, employees prefer stability and want to be treated well.

A satisfied client who has a positive experience with a happy service provider is likely to return; an employee who’s provided with the same level of care from their employer will likely remain a loyal and happy team member.

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