Want to increase your client base?

Trying to increase your client base?

If so, we listed below some of our top tips for growing your client base.

* All spa’s, clinics etc. offer broadly the same treatments, so what sets you apart from your competitors – what will make a customer come to you rather than your competition? Once you have identified your USP tell everyone!

* Your customers are your best advertisement. Whilst you should treat every client as a VIP, you may want to think of ways to reward your regular customers. Not only do these clients provide regular income but they are more likely to help you with word-of-mouth advertising – talking about your business, writing online reviews etc. People based recommendations are one of the most powerful advertising tools in your arsenal.

* Be truthful. If you don’t know the answer to client’s question don’t try & fluff it, say you don’t know & follow up once you have the answer. These things always come out & being known as giving incorrect advice is not a good thing, but your clients will appreciate your honesty & follow up.

* When clients come to a spa they want to be treated by an expert, so ensure that staff are kept up to date with new products, services, science, protocols etc. You should be aware of developments in your industry & be able to speak to it if a client asks you a question even if you don’t carry the line or offer the service – this will reinforce your expert status.

What do you think? What’s worked for you?

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