Top 5 ways to keep up your professional development

Top 5 ways to keep up your professional development during lockdown.  Perhaps this could be on your list of intentions for 2021.

  1. Make connections – Make that phone call, network, ask questions and stay current with industry insights.
  2. Embrace Change- This past year has shown us just that. We have seen spas, resorts and clinics globally adapt to current circumstances and make the necessary changes to meet industry and client expectations. Be proactive, research and stay up to date with how the industry is embracing change.
  3. Utilize online resources- Take advantage of the resources and webinars available at your fingertips within the comfort of your own home (YouTube channels, company websites, LinkedIn, Beauty Incubator etc.).
  4. Build on past success- People tend to get caught up with past achievements or success. Look ahead, don’t get stuck in the past.
  5. Invest in continuing education and certifications – Expanding your professional skill set can help you navigate your way across various sectors within the industry and present you with incredible opportunities.

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