The importance of retailing and cross-selling

As a skin therapist, retailing and cross selling is a key component of your role.

When I think back to my teaching days, newly enrolled students were always uncomfortable with the idea of “retailing” and some aestheticians still are.

I don’t believe in selling a product or service for the sake of making a sale. What I do believe in, is education.

Offering PROFESSIONAL advice on skincare and services is why people come to see you. If you want to be a successful aesthetician consider the following:

– Clients are always excited to learn about new services and products you have to offer, so share with them

– If you can help a client with a skin concern by recommending a service or product then do it. If you won’t, someone else will and you run the risk of losing a client.

By educating your clients and using a consultative approach, you will build a loyal clientele and sales with naturally follow.

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