The evolution of Nail Polish

Do you miss your nail technician / manicurist / bestie? I know I do.  In celebration of #nationalnailpolishday, we’ve put together 10 fun facts about nail polish you might not know…

  1. Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 BC.
  2. Nail polish was developed from car paint.
  3. The first ever nail salon opened in 1878.
  4. In 1934, a bottle of Cutex nail polish cost 35 cents.
  5. Actress Rita Hayworth popularized red nail polish.
  6. In 1957 a dentist developed and patent acrylic nails. SERIOUSLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!
  7. There are 13 types of nail polish finishes. (CAN YOU NAME THEM?!?!)
  8. In 1976 Jeff Pink makeup artist and founder of Orly created the French manicure.
  9. Acrylic nails were introduced in 1978. TOOK LONG ENOUGH TO GET TO MARKET WAS THE MARKETING MANAGER A SLOTH?!
  10. Opened bottles of nail polish only last about two years. IF THEY LAST THAT LONG

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