The benefits of using a niche recruiter

Some businesses have entered a second lockdown, this doesn’t mean the hiring process should be put on hold. If you are looking to rebuild your team, get ahead of the curve and think long-term.

During our previous lockdown with so much uncertainty and fear it was understandable some business and candidates struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel which led them to be unprepared when doors reopened.

With Covid-19 safety protocols in place (ie. social distancing, mandatory masks and lockdowns) the interview process can be more challenging in finding the right candidate.

The use of technology has made it possible to continue the recruitment process virtually if you’re not able to do so safely face to face. Therefore, when restrictions ease you’ll be ready and won’t be rushing to find staff which rarely ends well.

At Beauty Incubator we continue to hold virtual interviews with candidates and meetings with our clients.  If you would like assistance in building or reassembling your team, contact us at.

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