Meditation Space In The Spa

Meditation is quickly becoming a popular mind-body practice, especially after the pandemic.

Benefits of meditation include reduced stress, enhanced mental health, improved self-awareness, increased concentration, and elevated happiness – it’s no wonder so many people are gravitating towards it.

Although meditation can be done in the comfort of your own home it’s easier to go to a quiet space than create one. This is why spas and wellness centers who already offer a quiet, relaxing space are at an advantage to add meditation to their service menu.

There are different ways to incorporate meditation to your menu:

✨Convert a room that is not being utilized into a meditation space by simply adjusting the temperature and lighting and provide yoga matts and/or seating.

✨Invest in meditation pods or sensory immersion.

✨Offer 15 minutes of meditation in the treatment room as a prelude to a facial or body treatment.

These are just a few ways to enhance the spa experience for your regular guests and potentially new clients.

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