Is Your Spa or Aesthetic Practice Eco-Friendly?

As a business in the aesthetic and wellness sector, you positively impact the well-being of your clients, but what about the environment?

There are many small ways a business can play its part in caring for the environment and inspire others to do the same in the process. It’s reported that 76% of consumers are now seeking out sustainable products and eco-conscious spas and aesthetic practices. In light of this statistic here are a few ways you and your team can get started:

• Educate and collaborate with your team on ways to be more eco-friendly so everyone is on board.
• Switch to an energy provider that uses renewable energy or offers a greener plan.
• If you ship products to clients, use recyclable materials and send them via a carbon-neutral courier.
• Work with your current product lines to reduce unnecessary packaging for products
• Offer rebates for empty product containers
• Paperless client files
• Provide recycling bins in all treatment rooms for single-use plastic consumables and delegate a team member to ensure they are disposed of properly so they don’t end up in the curbside bin and landfills.
• Eliminate single-use masks and sample packets.
• Reduce water use in a treatment room by using hot towel cabins.
• Install light sensors in the treatment rooms to help reduce energy use when treatment rooms are not in use.

As an aesthetic and wellness business, you can positively change the industry. And in doing so, you can attract a new pool of eco-conscious clients and differentiate yourself from competitors.

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