Improve your retail skills

In most roles estheticians are expected not only to perform services but also sell products and services and for a lot of us the selling part of the job doesn’t come naturally. I know for me, if someone were to give me a target it would fill me with dread, my approach to selling would change which would mean that the chances of me hitting it would be slim.

Take away the target and I become more relaxed and I sell naturally through conversations with my clients. Think about your own experiences with salespeople – are you more likely to buy from a pushy sales person or one who sells with a consultative conversational approach.

Part of the consultative conversational approach is education. If you can explain and educate (not sell) your clients about the product or treatment and the benefits it can bring, they will sell themselves.

You should approach your clients with the same honesty, integrity and empathy that you would like someone else to use when selling to you, part of this means only selling products and services which you believe would add value to your client.

Try using these top tips when selling a product to clients:

  1. Highlight one or two active ingredients of the product.
  2. Explain the benefits of using the product.
  3. Be clear with your clients and manage their expectations.

What do you think? What are your top tips for selling products and services?

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