How to successfully on-board new hires

Do you remember your first day on the job? Put yourself in their shoes, the nervous commute into work, trying to make a good first impression to your new boss and co- workers all while trying to contain your nerves and excitement at the same time.

Often, our candidates will tell us they are excited about their new position, but the onboarding falls flat. Logins were not prepared in advance of their first day, payroll is not set up and sometimes there is no formal training for the role.

It can be overwhelming coming into a new role and integrating with the staff for a new team member. It goes beyond making a good first impression, a successful onboarding can be the deciding factor as to whether the new hire will stick around.

To ensure successful onboarding we came up with a checklist to help you integrate new hires to the team:

1. Implement a buddy system so new hires have a point of contact for questions.

2. Welcome package ie. Notepad, pen, a selection of the most popular products etc.

3. Regular check- ins to make sure everything is going well.

4. Role specific training

5. Provide a company manual explaining compensation, benefits, policies and procedures

6. Have email, IT access to all systems set up beforehand.

7. Take new staff out for a coffee or lunch on the first day.

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