How To Increase Your Client Base

As a spa or aesthetic clinic owner, we’re always trying to increase our client base.

Clients today are putting more emphasis on their overall experience rather than just on the services they’re receiving when deciding whether to come back; so it’s important to shift our thinking from how to increase our client base to how to ensure our clients return.
Providing a memorable experience will determine whether they’ll return.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your clients have a memorable experience:

✨Most spas/clinics offer broadly the same treatments so identify your “Unique Selling Point” – why will clients choose you over the competition? Maybe your treatment times are extended allowing the service provider more time to engage, build trust and better understand the client’s needs.

✨Ensure all touch points from the time the appointment is booked to check in are carried out with the same level of attention to detail.

✨Do something a little extra if they are celebrating an occasion, notify clients in advance if a service provider is running behind schedule or provide a beverage and/or snack in the waiting area for extended wait times etc. These are opportunities for the team to elevate the client experience.

✨While you should treat every client as a VIP, don’t forget your regular clients and think of ways to reward their loyalty.

✨When clients come to the spa/clinic they want to be treated by an expert, so ensure that staff are kept up to date with new products, services, protocols etc.

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