How To Build A Successful Clientele

Are you a new aesthetician or nurse injector on the scene? We want to see you succeed. Here are 5 tips on how to build a successful clientele:

1. Be on time- Be as respectful of your client’s time as you would like them to be of yours.

2. Invest in your professional development- Your clients are savvy. With the industry continuously evolving, it’s important to stay current with new developments in treatments and products.

3. Follow up with your clients- Especially true after a first-time treatment. This builds rapport, trust and loyalty.

4. Advise on promotions and products- Clients love to take advantage of a great deal! Call them or let them know when they are in to see you next. Make sure they know you’re looking out for them.

5. Schedule their next appointment- Keep your clients on track with their appointments,this will not only help them achieve and maintain healthier results, it also ensures repeat business for you.

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