How the Spa Industry is Changing

The demands of the spa industry have never been greater yet this growth is being continuously threatened by staff shortages. Spa owners indicate the number one challenge in their business is talent, recruitment and retention. So how do we keep up with the demands of the spa industry?

Schools are seeing an increase in yearly enrollment but only a third of the students plan to make a career in the spa industry upon graduating.

Why? There is an expectation of above average wages going into this sector due to the glamour associated with the spa industry largely fueled by social media. People are coming into the industry but then leave when the reality of low wages combined with physical demands sets in.

The current model of hourly wages with small commissions does not correlate with a living wage for new entrants. The average hourly wage for a new graduate is minimum wage or slightly higher.

Fast growing markets are driving the competition for trained estheticians and employers can find themselves in an hourly wage bidding war. Owner-operators are facing serious hiring challenges and without esthetic professionals, there is no esthetic business.

What changes or challenges have you noticed in the industry?

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