First Impressions

Did you know it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression?

Although this relates to face-to-face meetings the same can be applied to resumes. A hiring manager will sort through many resumes for a position and during that initial sift an initial impression will be formed of the candidate and whether the hiring manager will spend more time reviewing the resume.

A poorly designed resume could cost you the opportunity to interview and more importantly the position.

A hiring manager doesn’t want to search for relevant information on your resume, if the information is readily available it’s more likely to go on top of the pile.

So how should you format a resume? We’ve listed below some pointers:

✔️ Keep your resume simple. Graphics and designs can be distracting.
✔️ Make sure the information is relevant to the role and position you are applying for.
✔️Make sure that you’ve read the job description and you have tailored your experience & skill set to match.
✔️ When describing your experience, try and include accomplishments an what you’ve achieved rather than just listing duties – if you’re applying for a similar position, they know what your duties are.
✔️ Keep your experience relevant.
✔️ Keep your resume short, one to two page max. This is your elevator pitch to get you through the door – you can expand on why you’re perfect for the role in your interview

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