5 Tips to help you find your dream job

When I meet with candidates, I often ask the question, what is your dream job? I ask this because it’s important to reveal what you’re truly passionate about. When you are genuinely interested in something you become engaged and fulfilled in that role and unless you fully understand what drives you, you cannot know what you are looking for.

Before you begin your search make note of your interests and use the tips below to help you find your next exciting role and the companies you wish to work with.

  1. Before you start your job search, think about what it is you are looking for
  2. Don’t just apply for the job, research the role.
  3. Interviewing works both ways. Prepare 2-3 questions that will help you in your decision process.
  4. Make sure the company culture aligns with your goals.
  5. Make sure the job is a good fit.

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