Top 5 Strategies to increase revenue for your business

We all offer product and treatment training, but all too often we forget that we are a business and overlook that it is equally as important to train our staff how they can use that knowledge to increase revenue … and their commissions.

Here are five strategies to increase revenue for your business:

  1. Incentivize your referral program – Offer a gift card or a complimentary service when a client refers someone new to your spa or clinic. It’s a great way to express your gratitude and encourage new business.
  2. Retail sales – Retailing is key. Promote products which compliment your client’s treatments and goals.
  3. Cross market your services, products and team members – Don’t assume your clients know the full range of your services and products.
  4. Self-marketing- It’s important to highlight your skills set and experience when building a client base. What sets you apart from others?
  5. Offer a membership- A yearly program can include a combination of products and services. This not only allows your clients to discover the scope of services you offer, it provides them with a tailored made program just for them.

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