5 Signs You’re A Micromanager

Are you a Micromanager? Micromanagers often have good intentions and in certain circumstances this management style could be effective. Often this approach can stem from being an inexperienced manager, the need to control or they lack skilled employees on their team.

The downside is employees who work for micromanagers often feel they are not trusted, and their manager lacks the confidence that they can do their job and do it well, which can have severe implications on the team’s morale and decrease productivity. So how do you know if you’re a micromanager? Here are 5 signs you might be one:

1. Every task needs your approval
2. Unwilling to delegate tasks and projects
3. You sweat the small stuff
4. You constantly want to know the whereabouts of your team members and what they are doing
5. Discourage team members from making decisions

Sometimes focusing on the trivial details and your team’s every move can make you lose sight of the bigger picture.

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